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The first YAOSUDA pharmacy was formed in 2013; creating the new internet system + patient 400 hotline + licensed pharmacist on-site service + DTP mode of medication delivery. It became the first leading pharmacy’s upgrade. Its business included verifying the prescription, special medication guidance, privacy protection, and medication delivery. At the same time it can return the medication manufacturers the medicine usage feedback and services such as patient education.

MEIHERUI Medical Corporation Company was formed in 2019. As a national central medication import and selling platform, it became a leading national supplier for new or special medication delivery service outside of hospitals.

During 2019, YAOSUDA has spread over 20 central cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Jinan, and Suzhou. Supplying high quality medication and pharmacist service for patients in over 500 hospitals across China. The total sales quota reached 300 million U.S dollars and the market demand is sky-rocketing.

In 2020, the DTP network will be covering 1k hospitals in 100 cities across China. Research advancement and the patient’s treatment being commenced together in a service will be achieved in the future; becoming a national major service platform for the transport and selling of cancer and biological product.